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Shea Shower Frappe - Rosemary Orange
This rosemary orange body butter frappe is an innovative, creamy, whipped, in-shower moisturizer that will change the way you hydrate your skin. While you are warm and wet, and your pores are open, a dollop of this elegant frappe will easily spread over your skin, and leave your skin with a lustre you would be hardpressed to find with a typical moisturizer. It is almond oil and shea butter base with a great blend of rosemary and orange essential oils. Keep it in the shower, with warm water running, spread it over clean wet skin, gently pat dry off and you'll be moist for the day! You will be shocked, amazed and moisturized beyond your wildest dreams! (Since only essential oils are used for this product, the scents are appropriate for both men and women). 5oz.
Shea Shower Frappe - Rosemary Orange
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Customer Reviews
Love this product!
  A fantastic after shower moisturizer that really works to control dry skin. The smooth feeling lasts for hours and isn't oily or greasy feeling, unlike some lotions that leave you feeling dry and scaly an hour later or greasy. I spread a small amount over wet hands and then over wet skin after showering and blot dry. The scent does not last long so does not conflict with any scents you might choose to wear.
  Reviewed by:  joanne levy from Springfield, Missouri. on 1/20/2018
Love it!
  This is incredible stuff! I have very dry skin and live in a dry climate. I've always used oils, but this shea frappe is so much richer. I can't wait to try the Cedarwood!
  Reviewed by:  Laurie Hidy from Hemet. on 4/10/2017
  Just wanted everyone to know...this is the BEST moisturizer on the market! I use it every time I shower and have for years. It is my favorite way to moisturize! I have some skin issues and require all natural, healthy ingredients ... which Amber bath products have. I adore the subtle, natural essential oil fragrances & easy emulsifying effects!!! So easy to order online or run to Whole foods to pick it up. If you haven't tried it, you MUST!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Kate DeLange from Littleton. on 1/26/2017
  Love your products. Especially great for summer eczema.
  Reviewed by:  Kim Brening from Greeley, CO. on 7/20/2016
NOTHING compares to this product!!
  I discovered this product at a farmers market in CO over the summer and was instantly hooked!! I love this product, it feels great, smells wonderful and is an absolute must for anyone with dry skin. I keep a constant supply and also buy it as gifts ... no one should be without it! I absolutely LOVE it!!!
  Reviewed by:  Deb Mrky from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. on 1/14/2016
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