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SALVEation - White Wash Unscented
This unscented, multifaceted moisturizer, delivers an intense healing effect. It will heal your lips, hands, heels or dry patchy areas very effectively. Not only are there no unnecessary ingredients (i.e. mineral oil, water, or fragrance oil), it contains cocoa butter, beeswax, and olive oil infused with flowers to further enhance the moisturizing benefit. The tiniest amount is all you need - less than a pea size - for both hands, or feet, lips and heels. Economically priced, this should last you six months to a year.
SALVEation - White Wash Unscented
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Customer Reviews
  I love this stuff. I don't like scented lotions, so this fits the bill. This was a repeat order. I have had some problems with dry skin patches, and with some eczema. Handled the dry patches quickly, and the eczema has gradually gone away.
  Reviewed by:  Ken Deshaies from Centennial, CO. on 11/20/2015
Great Stuff
  This is outstanding. Works wonderfully and you really do only need less than a pea. Took only a couple of applications to correct severely dry feet.
  Reviewed by:  Lora Kilburn from NY. on 5/26/2015
It's Salvation For My Feet
  This is the only product that I've tried that works to soften my dry, cracked feet. Just a little goes a long way and you can feel the difference in just a day or two of use. It's absolutely heavenly.
  Reviewed by:  Gale Zasada from Denver, CO. on 2/16/2015
seriously good product
  Dry Midwestern winters & summer gardening do bad, bad things to sensitive skin. I cannot imagine being without it. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Patmarie Bailey from Glenview, IL. on 10/14/2014
No more cracked fingertips in the winter
  This product is worth it's weight in gold. I used to get cracked skin on both thumbs that would bleed (and boy would it hurt) due to the winter dryness. Since I started using this product - NO CRACKS! If I am really hard on my hands cleaning, and think I might get a crack, I apply some salve at night and wear eco-tools bamboo gloves to keep the salve in place all night.
  Reviewed by:  Wendy Nelson from Boulder, CO. on 2/7/2014
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