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Posted by Elizabeth White on 2/25/2012 to General
Elizabeth's PictureHello, my name is Elizabeth, founder and owner of Amber Bath. Our company, based in Colorado and established in 2002, produces high quality, natural bathing essentials and body moisturizer products in small batches by hand.  Although we have been online for quite some time, this is our first year to truly reach out and connect with our amazing customers online. Through this effort, we also hope to meet new people who are interested in quality bath and body products.

I am excited to be doing my first blog to introduce myself, our business and our team!  My passion for quality body moisturizers, started in Tucson, AZ where dry skin seemed like something everyone "lived with".  The market was flooded with moisturizing products, yet few met my skin care needs and expectations. I felt the need to start researching how to create my own moisturizers.  This led to Amber Bath's first product that got us on the map - Lavender Salveation.  Amber Bath was born!

Since then, Amber Bath has grown into a thriving small business where our mission is still quality above anything else.  We take pride in picking the finest natural ingredients, making everything in small batches by hand, and personally testing all the products.  My family and I cannot live without our own creations, and that will always be the "quality bar test" for us.  We also get constructive feedback from our loyal customers and we continue to strive to improve the quality and consistency of our product lines.

Aside from our online store, Amber Bath attends and promotes most of the major Denver, Evergreen and Stapleton Farmers Markets, is retailed in many small boutiques and salons peppered throughout Colorado, attends small artist bazaars and gift shows, and is featured in the Whole Body department in many local Whole Foods Markets.  You can find an up-to-date list of all our locations at http://www.amberbath.com/locations.html.  We love to meet our customers in person, so come to the Colorado Farmers Markets and see us!  Also, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates on product sampling and demo dates, farmers market dates, and many website discounts we offer throughout the year.

This blog will provide the vehicle for us to educate our customers on the ingredients in our products, proper usage to gain maximum benefit, and ultimately help cure your skin care needs.  We are proud to be part of the online community, and hope to meet many new "like minds" who also share in the passion for quality skin care products, body moisturizers, and personal wellness!



Date 1/30/2014
Barb Main
This summer I fell in love with your Lavender Spritzies! I'm hoping that you still carry this product. I would gladly by 2 or 3 at a time. I'm addicted. Please reply
Date 3/30/2014
barb Main
I have not received a response to my question about the Lavender Spritzies. I am waiting not so patiently for the various Farmer's Markets to restart again, but would love to get it before then. Is there a whole Food or salon in Denver that would carry it?
Date 5/27/2014
Barb Main 5-27-14
I was at the opening day of the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market, and the gentleman who was helping you that day said that you hadn't brought any Lavender Spritzies! with you that day but you would have them the next week. Well, the surgery that I had kept me from being there, I wasn't allowed to drive a car, but this coming weekend I plan to be there Sat. morning. Will you have some? Barb
Date 4/11/2015
Dianne Snater
Last Aummer I purchased three of your bath bars. Loved all of the bars. I traveled back to Aurora Colorado to visit family and to purchase more bars. I was disappointed to discover that the three whole food stores that we visited did not carry your bath bars. I understand that shipping prices are reasonable, however, it is nearly the cost of two more bars. Wish your website was more definitive of the products that each store carries. Could have saved time. Still purchase online. Love your products that much.
Date 10/12/2015
I am headed to Denver this weekend and want to know where I can buy your CITRUS SPRITZIES. I bought one a year ago and love it in the bathroom. I was told I could get a free refill if I bring you the empty spray bottle. I am happy to pay for it if you don't offer the free refill. I don't see it on your website. Please let me know if you still carry this product. Thank you Pam
Date 10/12/2015
Elizabeth Parkhurst
Hi ladies, the spritzie refills are only available at the markets, and only for the season in which they are purchased. If you leave me your emails I will put you on my mailing list for specials in the future. Thank you!!! Elizabeth
Date 11/23/2019
Date 11/23/2019

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