Say Goodbye to Those Dry Cracked Heels

Posted by Elizabeth White on 3/1/2012 to Skin Care Tips
When I am working the many Colorado Farmers Markets during the Spring and Summer months, and wearing my comfortable flip-flops on a warm day, I have many people ask me "How do you get your feet to look so soft without a single crack?". While I would love to say that it is solely because I use my own Amber Bath products, there is a little more to it. Hopefully, my blog will help anyone out there dealing with this potentially painful problem.

There are three key steps you need to perform for this solution:

  • Soak
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize

  • Soaking

    Soaking is very important because it prepares the dry skin on your heels for the other two steps. There are a couple of things you need in order to effectively soak your feet. Although you can do this in your bath tub, it is best and most comfortable to use a small foot bath that you can purchase by searching Google for foot soakers. You can find a relatively inexpensive foot soaker, and some will heat the water and massage your feet at the same time!

    Next you need to purchase your favorite scent of a combination of natural sea salts and dead sea salts. The salts are necessary because they contain important minerals that draw out the impurities and cleanse and soften the skin. Of course we feel our salts are the best, so you can see ours by clicking on the Bath Salts section of our website.

    Fill the foot soaker with warm water as instructed, and place a small amount of bath salts into the water. You will have to experiment with how much bath salt to add to the water because it depends on how "fizzy" the salts are and how large the foot soaker. Soak your feet in the warm salty water for 10 minutes. Once done, dry your feet with a nice soft towel. Your feet are now ready for the scrubbing step.


    The next step is to scrub your heels using a foot pumice hand held tool. You can find these online, at any retail grocery store, or at any beauty supply store. You will want to begin gently scrubbing the callused areas of your heels, and the pumice will begin exfoliating the dead skin away. As you are scrubbing the callused areas of your heels, you can apply a small amount of liquid pumice foot scrub that can also be purchased at any of the stores listed above.  This will allow the pumice tool to glide over your skin more freely, and provide more comfort for you while you exfoliate these areas.

    Once you have completed the exfoliating step, place your feet back into the water and rinse them off.  Dry with a towel and you are now ready for the moisturizing step.


    The moisturizing step is the most important part of this procedure. Get your socks ready and select a good natural moisturizing product that contains a couple of key ingredients - either cocoa butter and beeswax or coconut oil and beeswax.  I use our very own creation Amber Bath Salveation in our lemon scent, but we have many other scents as well as unscented from which to choose. Apply the moisturizer to your feet and rub it in until it is absorbed. Once complete, put that pair of socks on for a couple of hours to seal in the moisture.

    Perform this ritual at least once a week, as well as applying the moisturizing salve daily, and you should see this problem go away for good. Once you have it under control you will not have to do this as often. I perform the soaking procedure once a month, but still apply salve to my feet on a weekly basis. Also, drink lots of water and take Omega 3 and 6 on a daily basis to help moisturize from the inside out.

    We hope this helps you get those heels under control so you can feel confident wearing flip-flops in the warm summer months!



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