About Us

Elizabeth Parkhurst is the founder, CEO and creative mastermind at Amber Bath. She has had a dedicated clientele since 2002. Her passion for personal well-being and quality-care body products drives her imagination when formulating new and unique soaps, buttas, salts, scrubs, salves and more.

Amber Bath’s entire product line is hand-made from scratch in Temecula, CA with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients - no perfumes, animal by-products, additives, water, fillers or lanolin. Elizabeth has been getting back to Earth since before it was cool. From her Chamomile and Calendula Bar Soap and Salty Sea Scrubs to her Shower Butta Frappe and Vanilla Orange SALVEation, she is dedicated to creating and producing new and tantalizing body-care essentials for her customers' pleasure and wellbeing.

Elizabeth took soap and natural remedies classes in Tucson, Arizona to take holistic remedies on her family trips abroad. A couple years later, she founded Amber Bath after her family moved to Colorado and she couldn’t find moisturizer or soaps that could heal her daughter, Lauren’s, skin. Denver is known as an incredibly dry city due to elevations (5,280 ft.+) that are great for skiing, but not so great for soft lips and heels. Excitingly, with her product line, she healed Lauren’s skin, and thousands of others along the way.

Fast forward to 2020, Lauren is a passionate plant-based, and self-love advocate. Among other endeavors, has taken on the roll of Partner, and Marketing Director for Amber Bath. She grew up working Farmer’s Markets with her sister, Camille, in the Denver area, and is applying her M.A. in Communication, and expertise in social media strategy to help spread the Amber Bath love online!

As a family team, they are thrilled to offer you their product line. Amber Bath is making large strides toward being 100% vegan and 100% sustainable in 2020 and beyond. You can be sure that when you purchase our products, you are making a positive impact on your skin, the planet, and are contributing to local economies.


Dear Valued Customers,

If you are new to Amber Bath or have been visiting us for years either on the web, at local farmers' markets, or at local Whole Foods Markets, we welcome you! We have dedicated ourselves to helping meet your skin care needs for years. Like any long-term relationship, we want to provide you with the best overall satisfaction we can! We have the same quality products that you have been used to receiving; propylene glycol and sulfate-free soap, colorant-free bath salts and scrubs, soap with only necessary and essential ingredients, and waterless salves and butters. 

We are committed to using local ingredients whenever we can, and though we don't claim to be organic, we use many organic ingredients and wild-crafted herbs. We top it all off by using the most fabulous quality essential oils. They aren't mixed with carrier oil, they are pure essential oils. We also use no synthetic colorants: just clay, spices, roots, or wax esters, often locally sourced.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you love our products, we encourage you to write a product review on our website to help educate others on the benefits of our products.

Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

- Elizabeth & Lauren

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