Remember to Recycle

Posted by Brett Parkhurst on 11/29/2013 to General 1 Comments
Amber Bath is committed to creating sustainable products which are eco-friendly.  Because our products use the highest quality essential oils and all natural ingredients, we currently use plastic containers for some of our packaging.  

We realize the impact that plastic has on our environment and are currently researching other packaging options which can keep our products as fresh, allow storage in the shower, and are environmentally friendly. ...

Proper Usage of Amber Bath's Shea Shower Frappe

Posted by Elizabeth White on 3/12/2012 to Skin Care Tips 4 Comments
Are you are in a constant battle with your dry skin? Do you struggle with a dry back, legs, shoulders or chapped elbows? I can help lead you to your most important victory. There are many ways to moisturize your skin, but Amber Bath customers swear there is no more effective way than ours. Many people don't know a simple little secret that will spread the moisture on evenly and consistently every time. Not only will it work with the driest of skin types, it will be effective...

Say Goodbye to Those Dry Cracked Heels

Posted by Elizabeth White on 3/1/2012 to Skin Care Tips 1 Comments
When I am working the many Colorado Farmers Markets during the Spring and Summer months, and wearing my comfortable flip-flops on a warm day, I have many people ask me "How do you get your feet to look so soft without a single crack?". While I would love to say that it is solely because I use my own Amber Bath products, there is a little more to it. Hopefully, my blog will help anyone out there dealing with this potentially painful problem.

There are three key steps you need to perform for this solution...

Hello Blogging Community!

Posted by Elizabeth White on 2/25/2012 to General 8 Comments
Elizabeth's PictureHello, my name is Elizabeth, founder and owner of Amber Bath. Our company, based in Colorado and established in 2002, produces high quality, natural bathing essentials and body moisturizer products in small batches by hand. Although we have been online for quite some time, this is our first year to truly reach out and connect with our amazing customers online. Through this effort, we also hope to meet new people who are interested in quality bath and body products.

I am excited to be doing my first blog to introduce myself, our business and our team!  My passion for quality body moisturizers, started in...

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