In addition to giving you a soft and smooth cleanse, our soaps add a visually appealing luxe decor to your space. We only use the finest clays, essential oils, and additives to enhance your sudsy experience.

Unlike most glycerin based soaps, ours are created from 100% natural glycerin base with no harsh chemicals like propylene glycol or sodium laureth sulfate. Sorbitol, a moisturizing agent made of mountain ash, is a natural humectant that delivers moisture to the skin. 

Beyond leaving your skin clean, your shower doors will remain soap scum free. Now that's a win-win.
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Freckle Face Glycerin Soap
Green Tea Glycerin Soap
Lavender Lush Glycerin Soap
Lemon Eucalyptus Glycerin Soap
Patchouli and Black Pepper Glycerin Soap
Peppermint Pumice Glycerin Soap
Pink Grapefruit Glycerin Soap
Saving Face Glycerin Soap
Sluff Cleansing Cream & Sea Sponge
Sluff Cleansing Cream
Soap - Mojito Glycerin Soap

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